Site Policy

  1. The site is Goldlilys’ way as a fan to contribute to the anime / manga / drama / asian music community. These downloads are brought to you for sharing and entertainment purposes only.
  2. All credit for the original (and part of) the scanlated works goes to their respective manga-ka and other copyright holders.
  3. No profit is to be made off of Goldlilys’ uploads by anyone or any party, directly or indirectly.
  4. If Goldlilys’ has linked mangas from other sites, they are properly given their identity and significance. Therefore, if you do share, please point them at the right direction.
  5. Again, some of these mangas are licensed and for that reason, DO NOT make money out of them.
  6. No one in this site is liable as to what may happen to you if you get in trouble.
  7. To prevent yourself from any copyright violation, DO NOT download licensed mangas! Instead buy them at your local manga bookstore.
  8. For the MP3 Downloads, they should be deleted from your computer after 24 hours has passed and buy them at your local music stores (if there are any) or online.
  1. First offense is a warning.
  2. Second offense will make everyone else suffer: Goldlilys will remove the downloads page entirely so be WARNED!!!